Scrollytelling has shut down.

31 December 2018 was our last day.
It’s been an incredible journey. Now stop crying!

Scroll for Dear God Why

Walking away from a good thing

It’s not for lack of success: we allowed 900+ stories to be produced, serving 7 million viewers. But we were—are—ill equipped to drop creative and handle exponential growth. So instead of having to stay the course at all cost, we chose to gently exit and move on.

Now, Martijn is chief storyteller at deStudio and Joost is at the helm of Space Babies creating more Internet.


We are committed to keeping all stories online on their current locations. They just won’t be editable. Instead, they shall live on as static HTML until the Sun becomes a Red Giant and swallows Earth.

Take your data

We’ve also made arrangements with customers who prefer receiving the raw data. It’s all good. We’re not animals.

Burning questions?

Or just ready to sling us a compliment, or even a complaint? Don’t hold back, we are still around, contemplating the rise and fall of our Kingdom.

The Vault

We’ve gone through a frankly painful amount of trouble preserving our legacy. In this section you’ll find our archives in their full glory. Enjoy the stories themselves, and a cornucopia of metadata, such as the people involved, dates, and technologies we used. In various formats and feeds, there is bound to be something there for you.

We even produced screenshots of every single page, so even as browsers change and make the code obsolete, you’ll still be able to scroll through the stories in their intended form. To seal the deal, the archives are served as self-contained folders of HTML and nothing more. Unwrap them on any web server and you’re good to go.


Now that I have you on the horn, take a gander at our custom productions. We’re incredibly proud of them, and they deserve hot incoming clicks from the interwebs too.